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Alexa Kleinbard



B. 03.22.52 - Abington, Pennsylvania



1970-74 Philadelphia College of Art BFA-Sculpture, Cum Laude

1967-68 Ramblerny School of Performing Arts

1959-65 Melia Davis School of Dance and Mime Academic diploma received



1982 NEA Fellowship Endowment Grant

1982 Florida State Grant

1979 NEA Fellowship Endowment Grant

1977 NEA SECCA Endowment Grant

1977 Southern Center for Contemporary Art Purchase Award 1970 Whitaker Art Award



2012 Ogden Museum Of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA

2005 Alexa Kleinbard: Selected Works 1985-2005, The Brogan Museum, Tallahassee, FL. Catalogue.                                            

2004 Raleigh Museum of Art and Science, Raleigh, North Carolina. Brochure. 2003 Macon Museum of Art and Science, Macon, Georgia. Catalogue.

2001 Missouri Botanical Gardens, St. Louis, Missouri. Catalogue. 2001 Museum of Art and Science, Melbourne, Florida 

2001 Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA. 

2001 Dennison-Moran Gallery Naples, Fla.

2000 Okaloosa Fort Walton Community College. Niceville, Florida. Catalogue.

2000 Gulf Coast Museum of Art, Belaire, Florida. Catalogue. 

1999 Len Gardens Gallery, Orlando, Florida. Traveling exhibition. 

1997 School House Gallery, Mount Dessert Island, Maine.

1996 Mount Dora Center for the Arts, Mount Dora, Florida.

1995 Airport Gallery, Tallahassee, Florida.

1995 Division of Guttural Affairs, Tallahassee, Florida. 

1991 621 Gallery, Tallahassee, Florida.

1986 Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

1981 Third Street Gallery, Atlanta Georgia.

1980 Eric Makler Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1980 University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. Catalogue.

1980 Miami Dade Junior College, Miami, Florida. Catalogue. 1979 Eric Makler Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

1978 Eyes Gallery, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.



1983 "Woman Inside-Our, Yves Arman Gallery, New York, New York.

1982 "Small Works," Nexus Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.

1982  Griffith Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.

1981 "Material Pleasures," selections from the fabric workshop, Hodgell Hartmen Gallery, 

Sarasota, Florida.

1981  Yves Arman. Gallery, New York, New York.

1980 "Couples," Feadrick Gallery, Washington D.C.

1975 "Young Talent Show," Marion Locks Gallery, Pennsylvania.



2012 Florida Focus,  First Street Gallery,  St. Petersburg Florida

2012 Fitchburg, Museum of Art,  "Tales of the Test Tube; The chemistry of Curating", Fitchburg, Mass.

2011  Tempus Projects , Tampa, FL

2008  Lemoyne Art Gallery, Tallahassee, Fl.

2006 "A Sense of Habitat," Tallahassee Museum of Art, Tallahassee, FL.

2003 "Wonder the Human Condition," Lemoyne, Center of the Arts, Tallahassee, FL. Catalogue 

2002-3 "Florida Visual Art Fellowships 25th Anniversary Exhibition," Lowe Art Museum, Miami, FL. Travels to six museums, Catalogue.

2002 "Luminaries" Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA.

2002 "Homemade Pioneers and Public Art," Revolving Museum, Lowell, MA.

2002 "Flora Art and the Ecology in Florida," Mary Brogan Museum, Tallahassee, FL. Catalogue. 

2002  "Florida Artists," Mary Brogan Museum of Art, Tallahassee, Florida. Catalogue.

1999  Thomas Gallery, Gainesville, Florida.

1999 Atlantic Center for the Arts, Harris Gallery, New Symrna, Florida.

1998 "Florida National Guard Heritage Collection," Capitol Complex Exhibition Space, Tallahassee, FL. Catalogue.

1995-6 "Faculty Exhibition," Florida State University Museum, Tallahassee, FL. 

1995 "Figure to Ground Relationships," Valencia College, Orlando, FL.

1995  "Temporarily Possessed," New Museum, New York, NY.

1994 "Southern Women", LeMoyne Art Gallery, Tallahassee, Florida.

1994 "Visiting Artist Exhibit," Florida State University Museum, Tallahassee, FL.

1993 "Wearable Art," Painted Bride Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.

1993 "New American Talent," Texas Fine Art Association, Houston, Texas.

1992  "All Florida," Boca Museum, Boca Raton, FL. Catalogue.

1992 "Florida State University Faculty Women," University Museum, Tallahassee, FL.

1991-2 "Black and White," Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, MO.

1990 "NEA Fellows," Florida State University Museum, Tallahassee, FL. 

1989-90 "Made In Florida," University of South Florida Art Museum, Tampa, FL.

       Traveling exhibition: Marseilles, France; Hasselt, Belgium; Barcelona, Spain;

      Jacksonville, FL; Pensacola, FL, Orlando, FL. Catalogue with photos. 

1989 "Works on Paper," Beaver College, Philadelphia, PA.

1989 "Group Exhibition," Marcia McCoy Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

1988 "Freneticism," Valencia Community College, Valencia, FL. Catalogue.

1988 "The Chapel  Project: A Journey into Art, Architecture and Performance," Boston   City Hall and Plaza, Boston, MA.

1988 "Searching Out the Best," Morris Gallery of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA. Catalogue.

1988 "Four Women Artists," GTE Building, Tampa, FL.

1988 "Couples," North Miami Museum of Art, Miami, FL. Catalogue.

1987 "Ten Years of the SECCA Seven," Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art,

Winston Salem, NC.

1987 "West Art and the Law," Traveling exhibition: Plaza Gallery, San Francisco,

CA; Albrecht Art Museum, MI; Muscarelle Art Museum, Williamsburg, VA; Minnesota Museum of Art, St. Paul, MN. Catalogue. 

1987 "From the Files: Curators Choice," curated by Lowery Sims; The Alternative

Museum, New York, NY. Catalogue.

1987 "The Florida Fine Arts Grants Recipients," City Hall Exhibit, Tallahassee, FL.

1987  "The Telling Impulse," Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA. Catalogue.

1986  "Philadelphia Collects", Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA. Catalogue.

1986  "Group Exhibition," Loch Haven Art Center, Orlando, FL.

1986  "Profiles," Florida State University Museum, Tallahassee, FL. Catalogue.

1986  "Florida Creates," Jacksonville Museum of Art, Jacksonville, FL.

1986  "Contemporary Southern Art," Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Minneapolis,  MN. Catalogue. 

1984-5 "Dark Humor in the South," Traveling exhibition: New Orleans Contemporary Art

Center and Alexandria Museum, Louisiana - traveled to five museums. Catalogue.

1983  "NEA Florida Artists Grant Show," Florida State University Museum, Tallahassee, FL. Catalogue.

1983  "Southern Fictions", Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas. Catalogue.

1983  "New Orleans Triennial," New Orleans, LA. Catalogue.

1983  "Jim Morgan Memorial Show," Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MI. Catalogue.

1983  "Double Positive," Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1982-4 "Art Materialized: Selections from the Fabric Workshop," New Gallery, Cleveland, OH. Traveled to seven museums. Catalogue.

1981 "Figuratively Sculpting," PS1, New York, NY.

1981 "The Image of the House in Contemporary Art," University of Houston, Houston, TX.  Catalogue.

1981 "New Museum Benefit Three," New York, NY.

1981 "Sun Fest," University of Houston, Texas. Catalogue.

1980 "Material Pleasures," Institute for Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA;

           Institute of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL. Catalogue.

1979 "National Drawing," Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. Catalogue.

1979  "Miniatures," University of Houston, Houston, TX.

1979  "Florida Faculty Show," Miami Florida, Miami, FL. Catalogue.

1978  "Outside New York," New Museum, New York, NY. Catalogue.

1978  "NEA SECCA Grant Show," Winston Salem, NC. Traveling exhibition. Catalogue.

1978 "Forest Avenue Consortium," Atlanta, Georgia.

1977-8 "National Print and Drawing Exhibit," Charlottesville, VA. Catalogue.

1977  "45th Southeastern Arts Exhibit," SECCA, Winston Salem, NC. Purchase Award.

1977 "New Orleans Biennial," New Orleans Museum, New Orleans, LA. Catalogue.

1977 "Drawing and Sculpture Now," Kutztown College, Kutztown, PA.1976  "Cheltenham Annual Art Exhibit,"  Philadelphia, PA.   

1976  "Philadelphia College of Art Alumni Show,"  Philadelphia, PA.



Eyes Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, NC.

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA.

Miami-Dade Junior College, Miami, FL.

Missouri Botanical Gardens, St. Louis, MI.

Morgan Gallery, Kansas City, MI.

Florida State University, Panama City Branch, Panama City, FL.

Prudential Life Insurance Company, Philadelphia,PA.

Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL.

Health and Human Resource Building, Tallahassee, FL.

City of Orlando, Orlando City Hall, Orlando, FL.

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA.

New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY.

Fabric Workshop, Philadelphia, PA.

Acadia Summer Arts Program, Mount Dessert Island, ME

Clinico Estetico, New York, NY



Mr. Tristrum Coffin 

Mr, James Roman

Ms. Beth Starbuck

Cynthia Carlson 

Mr. John Ferris

Mr, and Mrs, Rosenburg 

Ms. Helene Weiss

Ms. Marcy Hermansadder

Jay Massey

Ms Anne D' Arnecourte

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schwartzman

Mr. and Mrs. William Wolgin

 Mr. and Mrs. James Surls

Ms. Rachel Seymour

Ms. Elsa Weiner Longhouser

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kleinbard 

Mr. and Mrs. Roth

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kaiserman

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Stein

Dr. Charles Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Aronson

Mr. and Mrs. Gushier

Mr. Jonathan Demme and Ms. Joanne Howard

Mr. Richard Flood 

Mrs. PR. Norman 

Yves Arman

Ms. Antonia Magliocco 

Mr. Richard Wallis 

Ms. Marion Locks 

Dr. Judith McFaden 

Dr. William Hitchings 

Ms. Nan Boyton

Ms. Gail Rubini and Mr. Conrad Gleber

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harper

Ms. Marion Boulton Stroud

and Mrs. Ecenia 

Ms. Kimberly Pelkey

Ms Margorie Simon

Lalo Rolblas

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Goldstein 

Su and Steve Ecenia

Jill and Bob Harper



Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA.

Fabric Workshop,  Philadelphia, PA.

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL.

University of Miami-Dade, Miami, FL.

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

University of Miami, Miami, FL.

Arcadia Summer Arts Program, Mount Dessert Island, ME.

Gulf Coast Museum of Art, Largo, FL.

Moore College of Art, Phi1adelphia, PA. Okaloosa Walton College, Niceville, FL.  

Florida International University, Miami, FL.Missouri Botanical Gardens, St. Louis, MI.        



College Art Association Conference, New Orleans, LA.



Fabric Workshop, Philadelphia, PA. 1978 ; 1981



Acadia Summer Arts Program, Mount Dessert Island, ME. 1994-2001 ; 2006-2007; 2010



Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL.

Florida Arts and Community Enrichment  (murals with children)



An Industrious Art Innovation in Pattern and Print at the Fabric Workshop, Ed. Marion Bolton Stroud, 1991. color photos.



To be updated

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