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We live here as the guests of green plants. Native peoples believed trees were our elders and we should respect and cherish them. Plants sustain all living things but they have to have pollinators to do this, thus the corridors that all living things are in are closely bound together. The Blood Lines run through everything, the living threads that weave everything together.

Flowers are the reproductive organs of plants, they are all about making love and having their seeds carried forth by insects, birds and animals -- usually ones that only pollinate that specific plant.

Native insects pollinate $3 billion worth of fruits and vegetables each year. Native bees do a better job than non native. Native bees, moths, beetles, bats and birds are invaluable to the integrity of all ecosystems.

Water is the thread connecting all ecosystems on earth. The wetlands filter out all our toxins. We are losing wetlands every day at an unbelievable and frightening rate. In Florida water flows from upland ecosystems through rivers, swamps, freshwater marshes, and eventually into saltwater marshes, mangroves, sea grass beds and coral reefs along the coast. Over 1/3 of large springs in the USA are in Florida.

The corridors, habitats, veins, that run through all land, air and water, are filled with life that interchange and must rely on food and specific spaces for their survival. The diversity and balance of these ecosystems depend on the corridors connecting to each other to have enough habitat to keep living and reproducing.

My backyard is filled with incredible life, drama everyday, of birds, snakes, lizards, insects, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and 4 huge live oaks and native plants that are food and homes for all these creatures including my family.